Campground Rules

  1. All sites will be assigned by the office. Each person/vehicle/guest must register. If staying additional nights please re-register by 10:00 AM. Check out will be 12:00 noon sharp
  2. Speed Limit is 5 km/h (watch out for children)
  3. Visitors will be limited to a maximum of four per site, authorized by office
  4. Quiet time – (10:00 PM to 9:00 AM) all visitors must be out of the campgrounds by 10:00 PM. The main gate will be closed at this time. Unruly guests will be asked to leave.
  5. All vehicles in campground must be registered or will be towed.
  6. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Noisy or unattended pets will not be tolerated and will be cause for eviction
  7. No smoking within 50ft of any service building. Please pick up your butts.
  8. Campfires are permitted in supplied fire rings only. Make sure fires are extinguished before you retire. Firewood is for sale at office. No cutting of trees or vegetation is permitted. No burning of garbage is permitted.
  9. The river is unattended with no life guard on duty. All children must be accompanied by an adult when playing by the river. No diving permitted.
  10. All garbage must be put into plastic bags and deposited in dumpster provided.
  11. Washing of vehicles, boats, etc. is not permitted in campgrounds.
  12. Mechanical repairs including oil changes will not be permitted.
  13. Noisy equipment (motorbikes, generators, chainsaws) will not be permitted.
  14. Picnic tables are for your enjoyment. Please do not carve or damage in any way. A $50.00 charge will be applied if this happens.


The Chemainus River Campground is in the business of providing temporary site accommodation for the traveling public. As such, Chemainus River Campground endeavors to provide the highest quality of service available. Both the customer and Chemainus River Campgrounds recognize that no matter how good the service is or how carefully the campgrounds are maintained, the possibility of injury still exists. In this respect, the customer and Chemainus River Campgrounds agree that the Chemainus River Campgrounds is not an insurer.  The daily customer payment is for the use of the site and facilities only and must not be construed as an insurance against any accidents or injury to guests or loss of personal property or possessions of any kind. Notwithstanding any statute of rule or law to the contrary, Chemainus River Campgrounds shall not be liable in any way for any claim, loss, damage or expense, including, without limitation, and claim, loss, damage or expense relating to personal injury of the customer or any of their guests of or with the customer service in any respect even if due to negligent performance (including gross negligence). The customer agrees to indemnify Chemainus River Campgrounds and its employees with respect to any claim, loss, damage or expense, including without limitation any claim by third party arising in any way hereunder. It is Chemainus River Campground’s recommendation that the customer obtain a separate insurance policy to cover accidents or injury to guest or loss of personal property or possessions of any kind.  Please note that the drinking water is tested regularly and is of good quality but has an elevated salt level.